Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum Randolph

Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC
Potters Market Invitational
Mint Museum Randolph
September 12, 2015
Admission: $10

We are members of the Mint Museum located in Charlotte, NC, and the reason why is the Delhom Service League.  Back in the early 2000's we bumped into an article somewhere on the web about a group at the Mint Museum that talk about pots. We thought, "How cool is that!" We wrote down on our list of to-dos to find out about the classes.  A few months later pottery collectors, Leo and Elizabeth Kohn-a husband and wife collector team, visited us in our Bulldog Pottery shop and told us more about the Delhom Service League. The Kohns very warmly invited us to attend one of the League's classes, where we were very graciously received by the organization.

The Delhom Service League schedules monthly presentations at the Mint Museum Randolph by a ceramic scholar, as well as, organized classes by the group's members to teach docents and museum members about the Mint Museum's extensive ceramics collection. The Mint Museum has a wonderful collection of pottery named after the contributor Miss M. Mellanay Delhom.

The League was organized in 1972 following the arrival of Miss M. Mellanay Delhom and her outstanding ceramics collection of historical pottery and porcelain. The mission of the Delhom Service League is to create and develop interest in ceramics by studying the world of potters and their cultures, from ancient China to contemporary America.

Check out this year's Delhom presentations at the Mint Museum's website. We have been to a handful of them over the years, and wish we could attend more. We always look forward to making the trip to visit the Mint Museum in Charlotte to see their superb ceramics collection.

The Mint Museum Randolph in Charlotte, NC

From the Delhom Pottery Collection at the Mint Museum Randolph

Bruce Gholson and Elizabeth Kohn in 2009 at the Potters Market Invitational

PMI's 2015 North Carolina Participating Potters are: 
William Baker, Kyle Carpenter, Jim Connell, Josh Copus, Donna Craven, Will Dickert, Judith Duff, Kim Ellington, Susan Filley, Carol Gentithes, Terry Gess, Bruce Gholson, Samantha Henneke, Nick Joerling, Daniel & Kate Johnston, Fred Johnston, Matt Jones, Freeman & Maggie Jones, Shawn Ireland, Matthew Kelly, Eric Knocke, Jeannine Marchand, Andrew Massey, Alex Matisse, Will McCanless, Reiko Miyagi, Ben Owen III, Pam Owens, Travis Owens, Vernon Owens, Ronan Peterson, John Ransmeier, Lindsay Rogers, Michael Rutkowsky, Joseph Sand, Akira Satake, Ken & Connie Sedberry, Eric Serritella, Jenny Lou Sherburne, David Stuempfle, Hiroshi Sueyoshi, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Matt Wegleitner, Jim Whalen, and Julie Wiggins.

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Po Wen Liu said...

Ah, that's why I've never been invited. I once pointed out a big mistake on their lecture information on their website.
Before they forget about my "wrong-doing", I need to make better works, Ha Ha.........