Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bruce and Samantha at the Potters Market Invitational 2015

A selection of Bulldog Pottery-Gholson & Henneke at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC
It has been around 2 weeks since the Potters Market Invitational in Charlotte, NC and we are still thinking about what a great time we had on Saturday at the Mint Museum Randolph. The weather was just right, and there were many excited pottery collectors that came for this exhibition.  The Delhom Service League once again put on a great event. They are wonderful hosts that made sure all the potters stayed hydrated throughout the day. It is always a treat for us to talk with the folks that love pottery as much as we do, and to also meet new people that are beginning to catch the bug of wanting to buy handmade pottery for their home.

A selection of Bulldog Pottery-Gholson and Henneke, that we had at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph Charlotte, NC

Bruce Gholson & Samantha Henneke at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC
Our pottery booth this year was located at the entrance of the white tent.  All of the potters are located under one tent which gives the outdoor show a good cohesive feel for the potters and the collectors. Our neighbor at the show this year was Donna Craven who is also a neighbor potter in our Seagrove Pottery community.  The Potters Market was described by one of the organizers as a sort of home-coming for the potters because we all are excited to see one another and what each other is making. Sometimes this is the one time of the year for us to catch up with many of these other potters.  

The Delhom Service League hosts this pottery event, and the money raised goes to enlarge the exciting Delhom Pottery Collection. They will soon rearrange the exhibit space for their collection of British Ceramics. Brian Gallagher is the Curator of the Decorative Arts, and has recently published a catalog of this British Ceramics Collection that will soon be available for purchase.  

We are now getting ready for the upcoming invitational pottery show at the Washington DC's Hill Center in the Old Naval Hospital on October 30-November 1, 2015.  Also this Friday evening we will be giving a talk in Raleigh for the North Carolina Pottery Collector's Guild.  On the way to the presentation we will be dropping off some of Samantha's works to the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill for the "Women in Clay" show.  It is a busy time for us here in Seagrove at Bulldog Pottery.

Our talk has been postponed to December 4, 2015 because of Hurricane Joaquin.

Donna Craven Pottery at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC

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