Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Samantha Henneke Yunomis - AKAR Gallery Annual Yunomi Show

Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC, Leaf Yunomi

For this year's annual Yunomi show Samantha sent a set of Moka glaze leaf cups. 

       The AKAR Yunomi invitational has developed quite a following over the years. One time a handful of years back Bruce sent one of his first skull cups.  After sending it I began to feel remorse and wanted that cup back.  Ed (my dad) and I decided that we were going to buy it back. We signed up for an account ahead of time, sat at the computer at the time of the opening and proceeded to go to Bruce's page. We had slow internet service and it took awhile for the images to load up at that time. Well when we went to Bruce's page the cup had sold. I wonder who bought the piece? Whoever did they have a winner.
I hope I have not discouraged you from trying to purchase these Yunomis or any other potters' Yunomis from the AKAR online, I only want to express that it would wise to get an account now, and be ready when the clock turns to.... well I am not sure when it starts, I  think I remember in the past that it was late morning. You can sign up for AKAR's email list and they will send you information about the time that the show will open.  They also have an AKAR Art facebook page where they have been sharing some of the Yunomis that will be for sale and everyday from here until the 18th they are having a you name the Yunomi contest. 

And yes I do have a picture of the skull cup that Ed and I wanted to buy back, would you like to see it? I get to gaze on it through my computer screen. I am glad I have a picture of it.

AKAR Yunomi Online Show opens on Friday, April 19, 2013. 

There are 200 potters invited to send 5 Yunomis each to AKAR Gallery's annual Yunomi exhibition.   If you are thinking you may want to purchase a Yunomi or two from one of the 200 potters featured, it is a good idea to sign up and get an account now.  This show is an online sale only, and when the exhibit opens Friday morning many of the Yunomis sell out in the first hour.

Yunomi is a casual drinking vessel that is taller than it is wide.

AKAR and the potters donate some of the proceeds of this Yunomi sale to the Studio Potter. The Studio Potter is a bi-yearly magazine that promotes discussion of technology, criticism, aesthetics, and history within the ceramics community. To find out more about the Studio Potter Magazine visit their website.

Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC, Leaf Yunomi
Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC, Leaf Yunomi
Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC,  Leaf Yunomi
Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC,  Leaf Yunomi

Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, NC, Leaf Yunomi


Pam said...

I have been very fortunate and have purchased a couple of yunomis that you and Bruce made. They are wonderful! Unfortunately I was unable to get one of his skull yunomis. I did get one of the fish ones. Love it! I have one of yours with water resist horses. You two make some of the most beautiful pottery out there! Amazing glazes! Thank you for sharing. Pam in Lincoln Nebraska

Amy said...

wow, beautiful!