Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where the Leaf Fell Down

Today is my 242 photo of the year. This has been a good project for me and I feel it has become a habit now.  A good habit.  I think it has also been good for Bruce too. He has been helping me to title the photographs.  Every morning I try to walk in a different direction somewhere on our property. This morning's picture was one that I took after a common occurrence that happens during this time of year. The coincidence of a leaf falling in front of me when I was about to take a step. This morning I was walking around our smaller pond watching the frogs jump into the water.  I thought I would take a few steps past the dam and walk into the woods.  After about three or four steps a leaf fell from a tree above right where I was just about to walk.  I was going to continue walking to find my picture when it occurred to me to look down and take a picture of where the leaf fell.  When I share this picture on Flickr I write the date to remind me of when I took it.  And then I noticed that today is September 11. I got shivers up and down my spine thinking about the title of my picture and what today is.  I just want to say that our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone that was effected by 9/11. Something that will never be forgotten.

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