Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shigaraki, Walter and Dorothy Auman, Warm Sound

Tuesday - Clay Share
Muromachi period (1392–1573), 14th–15th century; Shigaraki ware, Japan,  Jar image is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
In Japan, Shigaraki ware(信楽焼) is pottery and stoneware made in Shigaraki area, Japan. The kiln is one of ‘The Six Old Kilns’ in Japan. (The regional blocks in Japan consisted of Seto, Echizen, Tokoname, Bizen, Tamba, and Shigaraki.) Three of the earliest kiln sites may date back to 1278. (Thank you to Wikipedia!)
An additional *Bonus Day has been added to this year's North Carolina Potters Conference​ at STARworks Center for Creative Enterprise​, March 5, 2015. On Thursday morning Shizuko Kohara will be presenting a slide talk about Shigaraki. Registration is still open with spaces filling up. Image of jar is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Thursday - Potters Pick.
Walter and Dorothy Auman
Walter and Dorothy Auman -I think the photo is by Rob Amberg
Walter and Dorothy Auman, Seagrove Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina. Great advocates for North Carolina Pottery. They were the 1989 North Carolina Heritage Award Recipient given by the North Carolina Arts Council.

Video: Mr. Friday trying his hand at pottery from UNC TV 1989 .... quote from "Dorothy and Walter Auman operated the Seagrove Pottery from 1953 to 1991. They were tragically killed in an automobile accident in October 1991. Dorothy was an eighth generation potter. This interview was originally broadcast on May 8, 1989 on location at their pottery shop in Seagrove and features Mr. Friday trying his hand at pottery."

On the last day of the North Carolina Potters Conference (hosted by the Randolph Arts Guild), there are three morning presentations.  These lectures are dedicated to the memory of Walter and Dorothy Auman, who were instrumental to the starting of the North Carolina Potters Conference​, working along with Dwight Holland and Mark Hewitt. This is a time when the conference attendees can sit back at the Sunset Theater and listen to the speakers' various passions about ceramics, creativity, and culture.  This year's talks are: "Contemporary Japanese Ceramics" by Fuku Fukumoto, "History of Japanese Ceramics - How Japan Supports So Many Potters" by Yoshitaka Hasu, and "Influences, Japanese and American Ceramics" There are spaces still left for this stellar NC Potters Conference!  The North Carolina Potters Conference takes place the weekend of March 6-8, 2015 with a bonus day on Thursday, March 5 at STARworks, Star, NC.

Sunday - Playing off the Instrument
Zero 7 - Warm Sound

You can see this video and more images moving to music at XDarkLeoXGC Youtube Channel.

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