Friday, May 22, 2020

Listening to Books while working, A Studio Favorite

      We really enjoy our Scribd membership, which is a Monthly Subscription for Audible Books and Ebooks. They have a large selection of books to listen to and read, all free except for the membership. It doesn't have all of the choices or the most recent releases that a membership to Audible has, but for us there is more than enough to choose from. The subscription is $8.99 a month and if you sign up through the link below you can get two free months to try out the service, and if you do pay for a membership you will be gifting us with a free month of service. How cool is that?

The book we are currently listening to is "Sharks in the Time of Saviors" by Kawai Strong Washburn. We are enjoying it and the readers performing it kept our attention while we were glazing this past week.

There are other extras to the membership... like sheet music if you play an instrument and articles from magazines to read-- And I just discovered today that included with a membership in Scribd you get extra perks like a Pandora Plus, TuneIn, Mubi, and other educational memberships. I think I will look into that further now that I know all those extras are available.

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