Friday, September 26, 2008

Pieces for Upcoming Exhibition

We unloaded a successful kiln.  Here are some samples of what we pulled out.  We will be exhibiting these and others at the Nature Art Gallery located in the Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh next week!  The opening reception is Friday evening, October 3 from 6:00-8:30.  The show will be on exhibit for one month.  The cup below is one of the collaborative pieces that Bruce drew his insects on and I sprigged.  Notice the kiln clay beads kept the piece from sticking to the shelf.  This is an example of way to heavy glaze application at the bottom.  Bruce has a lot of busy work to do on this one.    
Here is one of  Bruce's fossil fish ginger jars.  This constitutes a save, if not for the clay beads this run would have stuck the piece to the shelf.  We have had plenty of those before we started doing this.  We still have mess ups.


Jerry said...

Looks like it was an excellent firing. I can't pick a favorite out of the three. Nice work!

John Tilton said...

These are really nice.

If you know that the glaze on the piece is going to run, why not just make a pedestal and a catcher?

It would end up being less grinding work at the end, and it will be neater if you do it right. It's really quite easy to do.


cookingwithgas said...