Friday, September 19, 2008

Cups, bowls, jars, and kitty

Here are the pieces I have been working one.  The final results seem like it should not have taken such a long time to do.  Putting sprigs on these pots seemed like such a great idea when I started.   I liked the way they came out on some of the previous mushroom jars that I did, and  Bruce sprigged a couple of cups at the beginning of the year that came out nicely.  Sprigging is a tedious process.   The cups below are a collaboration between Bruce and I.  He drew the bugs on the cups and I put the sprigs on.  We will see.  This will be the first time drawing the bugs on with red clay slip.  We are not sure if the glazes will obliterate them.  We will try to figure out, and project which glazes to use.  

Bruce is drawing on his ginger jars. Getting his imagery mapped out to draw his 'fossils' on them.

Ratatoulle is hanging with us this night.  It is raining outside.  Bruce and I are not cat people and we did try to give her away.   Bruce befriended her when her ferral mom said enough is enough, you are on you own.   We call her TT or Toullee or Rat.  Now we are attached.  Actually it did not take long about a couple of weeks really.  We have had her now for a year and two months.  She is getting used to the camera.  She used to run when I took her picture, now she poses.

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