Monday, September 22, 2008

Glazing / Floating Nasturtiums

We have been busily glazing. We sit basically in the same spot and glaze away. The pieces we are working on for the upcoming exhibition are time consuming. I enjoy the challenge of looking for images to draw and playing around with the composition. This is a time that I allow myself to have the painter in me creatively satisfied. Working with glazes is not at all like working with paint, even though I am using a brush and painting the glazes on. I have to project and do a lot of finger crossing, hoping that the glazes will not move more then I expect, and screw something up. The majority of the glazes we use are very fluid. I am getting better at composing with color. This is a challenge trying to think of what a glossy will next to a matte, and if a color will make another color pop or be to close in hue. A major difference between painting and glazing is with glazing it is all projection and guess work as to what the final results will be. Also if one wants a color to be a certain hue or shade of green, Good Luck. Will your base glaze allow for this?? With paint one can add a bit of yellow or blue....
You would think I would have a book printed of what I have done in the past. One of these days I plan to do this. Gloria had an entirely different suggestion for color combo then what I have chosen. I will have to try it some day.

North Carolina Pottery Center benefit Auction at Leland Little September 28, 2008
This is one of the pieces that will be up for auction this weekend. Pottery has been donated by many well-known collectors and potters. Featuring the legendary pottery collection of Dr. Everette James. The "Mystique of North Carolina Art Pottery" by Everette James is posted on the Potters of NCPC blog.

Unsigned (att. Propst or Reinhardt) Alkaline glazed swirl pitcher H 7" W 6-1/4"
Rim chips

Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales Ltd.
246 S. Nash St., Hillsborough,
North Carolina 27278

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