Saturday, September 13, 2008

Harvesting from the Garden

We were busily harvesting from the garden the other day.  Bruce is cutting the basil and Gloria is getting some of the okra.  The okra can get away from us pretty fast.  I will walk by and say I will pick you next time and when I go back they are as big as my hand.  
Well maybe I did not go back right away.  But there is something anti climatic about picking okra.  One has to have a lot of plants to get a meal.  I feel like I pick one, two , three.... o.k. next day 1, 2, 3, 4 ......  Just never seems to add up to much.  We usually end up enjoying watching them grow.  
Hands down the peppers pictures below are our favorite peppers to grow (well besides anaheims).  They are called Fooled You , because they look like a jalapeno but they are not hot.  I purchased the seed from Pinetree Seeds.   This year Mom and I ordered 17 varieties of tomatoes from a variety of catalogs.  Yikes!  Fun, Fun, Fun....   Anyway getting back to the Fooled You.  This pepper is thick walled, sweet, and great for stir frys.  The plants produce an abundant amount of peppers all the way into fall.  We are constantly picking peppers from around 6 plants.

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cookingwithgas said...

You have the best variety of everything in your garden! It looks so beautiful as well as giving you such good vegetables!
YUM- but you can have my okra!