Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home from the Charlotte Potters Market

We are back and working again.  Sunday we were exhausted.  Bruce and I drift around the day after doing an art show.   Catching up on dirty dishes left in the sink and bills that need to be paid.  We had a great time on Saturday.  The crowd was a joy and the weather sunny and hot. Bruce and I brought both our one of a kind decorative crystalline pieces and our every day functional pottery.  Both did well and we were excited to be able to share both with the visitors.

Finally on Tuesday night we faced the music and unloaded the van.  We kept putting the task off.  When two unsuspecting people walked by, Bruce and I said " Aha " !  Now is the time to unload!

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Patricia Griffin said...

congrats on the show! It's nice to hear when one goes well!