Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loading a kiln at Bulldog

We loaded a kiln.  We put pieces of kiln clay on our pottery to keep them from touching the shelf.  We will place them in dishes to catch the glaze that runs off.   Our space remains a mess with stacks here and stacks there.  "Where is the glue????  Bruce exclaims, I know I just had it!" Bruce swings to and fro looking....looking.   He found it!  He had put the plastic bat with the balls of kiln clay right on top.  No wonder he could not see it.   

A lot of extra effort, but seriously worth it if the glaze moves just a little too much.  Instead of sticking to the shelf, the kiln clay and dish absorb the damage, protect the shelf, and save the piece[with a little tender grinding and polishing].  Not sutible for production pieces, but for special work with much invested time....yes. 

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