Friday, November 28, 2008

This weekend: Carolina Designer Craftsmen and at home in Seagrove

We will be in both places this weekend.  Ed and Gloria are staying home and watching the workshop here in Seagrove and Bruce and I are going to be taking our decorative work to the Carolina Designer Craftsmen in Raleigh.  Our shop and van are full.

This is what we did for most of yesterday.  We unloaded crystalline vases from our kiln and Bruce put the finishing touches on them.  Since the glaze flows off of the vase we need to grind and polish the bottoms smooth.
Ed helped load the van, while we packed our work and accomplished the details that are needed to do a show.  Gloria worked on getting some business cards printed out on our computer.  My card order did not make it here on time for the show, and we are down to just a few.  

Here are a few pieces that will be coming with us to the Carolina Designer Craftsmen.

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Amanda A Gordon said...

Your square and rectangle wall-hanging pieces are what I remember the most about visiting your studio in Seagrove.