Sunday, December 21, 2008

British Museum Visit : Part I

Back in 2005 Bruce and I visited London for around 12 days.  I took my camera and shot hundreds of pictures. We thought we would share some of them with you.  We had a great time there and really enjoyed ourselves in the city visiting all of the museums.  It was a lot of fun looking at all of the amazing artifacts and art together.    Our favorite museum was the British Museum.    I think we spent around 4 days working our way through the various rooms. We highlighted the rooms on our map as we left them so we would know where we had been.  We were focused and on a mission.  

I have always liked shoes.  I find the variety and variations of shoes over history intriguing.  These two images are scent bottles.  Looking at objects this old is very humbling.  Somewhere in our images I have a picture of a stone hand axe tool that is 350,000 years old.  Wow.  It is hard to fathom.  


cookingwithgas said...

Love you in the shoe- thanks for sharing.
Great stuff!

Michael Mahan said...

A scent bottle? Like for perfume?

Were they pocket-sized?

Pretty cool.


Bulldog Pottery said...

I think the shoes were filled with perfume. These were small enough to wear around your neck.
It is fun going back through the images!