Thursday, December 8, 2016


Bud Vase, bu Samantha Henneke, Seagrove, North Carolina, Bulldog Pottery

Reminiscent of a children's game where one child would hold a buttercup under their friend's chin to see if it reflected back yellow. If your chin did reflect yellow then it was said that you liked butter. It always felt good to win and have a yellow chin, though I was not a fan of butter as a child and I am still not unless it is the vehicle in which shrimp is cooked in or found in oyster stew.....

I found an article "Why Buttercups reflect yellow on chins", published in December 2011 by scientists at the University of Cambridge, why the buttercup has an unique ability to reflect yellow on chins.

Written in the article:  "The researchers discovered that the buttercup petal’s unique bright and glossy appearance is the result of the interplay between its different layers. In particular, the strong yellow reflection responsible for the chin illumination is mainly due to the epidermal layer of the petal that reflects yellow light with an intensity that is comparable to glass." 

Flower, photograph by Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

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