Saturday, December 3, 2016

Crystalline Bud Vase, Seagrove, North Carolina

Bud Vase with double swell, eggplant hue with emerald rim, Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

 The vase pictured is glazed with a textural crystalline glaze with a purplish hue, made by Samantha.

The other evening we were looking around on You Tube to watch a few minutes of something before we went to bed. I always love to watch a Laurie Anderson video so I started with Sharkey's Day. I ran into a Laurie Anderson interview from this past summer, 2016. A quote that I took away from her "Advice to young artists"...... ( I think this advice is good for all artists, young and old and everywhere in between)

  "Curiosity about being in the world, lets make some music... Whatever makes you free, whatever makes you feel free, that is what you do. It is really simple." .... Laurie Anderson

Pottery Purchase Note-
We thought we would try showing some of our crystalline vases that we have available in our pottery shop. The Buy Now button below leads you to paypal where you can purchase the vase. We don't have the shipping calculated as we would like to be able to charge you the exact amount that it will take to deliver the piece to you (plus $5 for handling). We could send you a separate invoice when we find out the shipping cost.  If you live in North Carolina we could hold the vase for you to pick up or ship it to you, we will need to add 7% sales tax.  This is all new to us so if you do purchase this vase please hang in there with us as we are working on figuring out this process. Our phone number is Bruce's cell- 336-302-3469.
You will need a paypal account to use this way of purchasing the vase. Otherwise please call us or we could send you an invoice.
Thank you!

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