Thursday, August 28, 2008

Help for the Big Push

Ed and Gloria helped in the studio last night. The Potter's Market looms ever closer and the last firing clock is ticking down. We have never been very good at scheduling and timing, and have found ourselves in this crush once again. Bruce and I glazed some of our pieces while they washed the dust off of the pots. It is great to have them living here in Seagrove. They have been so busy since they moved here last year. Between making decisions about our new house and studio, working in the garden, and beginning to learn some of the processes in the pottery studio, they have had no time to sit down and relax. They are enjoying all of their activities. I believe they have both lost some weight to boot. Bruce had to keep punching another hole into dad's belt this summer and he bought some suspenders. Just the other day he finally bought some new jeans that fit.

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