Friday, August 22, 2008

North Carolina Pottery Center: Squirrel Bottle

This is the beginning of the series I was mentioning, that Bruce and I are going to do about some of the pieces you will find in the Pottery Center. Nothing compares to seeing pottery in person so if you get the chance to come to Seagrove check out the Center's collection.

This is quoted from the North Carolina Pottery Center booklet we purchased the other day, "The Moravians are a Protestant sect founded in the German regions of central Europe. During the 1730's they began emigrating to America, first to Georgia and Pennsylvania, and then to North Carolina."

You can find more examples of these at
Old Salem, Winston - Salem. Has anyone ever been there? We have not, and really want to make a trip there some time soon. There are a couple more examples of the animal bottles pictured on their website.

This Squirrel Bottle is attributed to Rudolph Christ from Forsyth County. The dates are c 1800-1825. This is lead glazed earthenware and is on loan from Old Salem, Inc.
This piece looks like it was press molded to us.

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Michael Kline said...

What a wonderful piece. I love that palette and the fine detils of the hands and feet. Do you know what it may have been used for? It probably wasn't used for liquor, or was it? I look forward to more pieces from the NCPC collection. Thanks!

Bruce and Samantha said...

Good question! We are not sure what it was used for. We will have to find out!