Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bruce Gholson's Yunomi's from 2008

Here are the 5 Yunomi's that Bruce sent to AKAR last year.  Ed fell in love with the above Yunomi with skulls and planned on buying it the day the show opened.  Unfortunately the piece was already sold by the time we were able to log on.  Which was too bad for Ed, but great that someone liked it as much as Ed did.  The teabowl sold during the first 15 minutes that the show opened online.
The upcoming Yunomi Invitational 2009 will open on March 27.  Last years show, AKAR invited over 150 artists to send around 6 Yunomi's each.  You can view this show online at their website.  

The image below is a close up of the bottom of the foot of the Yunomi above.  I really like how the different clays are swirled together.


Tim said...

My supervisor loves the skull cup too. If you keep making these, I think he would buy a pair.

Bruce and Samantha said...

Who is your supervisor? Sign him up :)

Shane said...

Where oh where can I get my paws on one of your fish Yunomis??? I've been beaten out your last two shows at AKAR and would really love to add one to my Yunomi/Chawan collection.