Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting back to it and a cranky cat

It has taken us a bit of time to get back into the studio. We have been doing odds and ends, like mixing up test glazes and clays, cleaning a bit in the studio (not that you would notice) and cleaning up our living room so I can start designing some new tile images.  This time of year it is always difficult to get warmed up and back in the groove.  We just want to hibernate.  It has been raining for a 1 1/2 months and the ground is so spongy that Bruce slid off of our driveway yesterday. He had to get three guys to push him back onto the road.  I am glad that he was the one that got stuck and not me.  
Luckily we both have some cups due at the beginning of February for the AKAR Yunomi show, so our wheels need to start turning.  I have been able to get some sandwhich plates and a few cups thrown.  Not much, but it is a start.  Bruce has been working on our new studio, so he has not been able to get to his wheel yet.  
In the image below he is hanging a light fixture we bought for our throwing areas in the old studio.
He missed calculated where to put the hanger.  The chain was not as long as he thought.  Oh well, try again.
This is our cat Ratatoulli, I call her TT.  She has been really upset with us recently.  She adopted us about a 1 1/2 years ago.  I just don't understand cats.  I have a feeling I know why she is mad.  She is allowed in our studio during the day and at night when we are there.   We have not been around that much.  We do have everything opened and she is allowed in during the day but our physical presence has not been constantly in the studio like usual.  Anyway shouldn't she be happy that we are around and accept our attention??  But oh no unlike dogs, cats can be pissey.  She hangs out on my ware cart, which I don't like because when I have wet pots she can mess them up, but since she has been mad the past couple of days I have allowed her to hang out.  Anyway when we walk by she will reach out and claw at us.  She hardly lets us pet her without some sort of attack.  I hope she gets over this soon.

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Jen Mecca said...

I'm a cat person....she's pissed at you for being gone! You must warm up the studio, pet her and greet her everytime she is near and hopefully she will forgive. You will know you are loved again, when she brings you a dead treat!
Good Luck with that.

By the way, she looks like a cat who demands respect!