Saturday, July 4, 2009

Phil Pollet of Old Gap Pottery lectures in China

Michael Mahan of From the Ground Up Pottery, and Phil Pollet of Old Gap Pottery discuss the firing results at the North Carolina Pottery Center after the Seagrove Pottery Community Woodfiring.

This image was from the April community kiln firing at the North Carolina Pottery Center. Around 20 Seagrove Potters got together and spent 4 days loading, firing, and unloading the "Ruggles and Rankin" wood kiln.  Phil Pollet, the fellow on the right, is on his way to China.  Phil has been invited to lecture at the Jilin College of Arts in Changchun, China this coming July 8th.  To see a couple more pictures of Phil, visit Three Corners Clay, and to read a bit more about Phil and Michael visit From the Ground Up.  There also is a You Tube slide show "Two Potters, Three Pots", showing Michael and Phil making their collaboration for the Seagrove Pottery Community Wood firing.  One of these pieces was donated to the April's annual NCPC fundraising auction. 

We just recently received our membership renewal for the North Carolina Pottery Center.  We are planning to renew, and we want to show our pride in the NCPC and what a gem it is for promoting North Carolina pottery.  So this year, we are going to buy a comemorative brick to show our support.  Are you a member of the North Carolina Pottery Center?  It is a wonderful place and an honor to have it located here in Seagrove.  Consider becoming a member. 

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cookingwithgas said...

How nice to have our fellow Seagrove potter over in China- I bet he brings back a great story or two to share!