Sunday, July 12, 2009

Draw + Decal MudFire Studios: Bruce Gholson

These are some images of Bruce's pieces that are on display in the "Draw + Decal" exhibition at the Mudfire Studios in Decatur, Georgia. The show will be on exhibit until August 1.  I visited Mudfire at the beginning of July to drop off our work.  I was impressed with their facilities, a great community studio, and the gallery was filled with a wonderful variety of pots to purchase.  I really liked a flask I saw there made by Josh Copus.  It was faceted dark clay with a fatty white wood fired glaze.

Somewhere I have the sizes of these pieces I am showing here, but I am not sure which pile that piece of paper has ended up lost in.

All of these pots are glazed with our molybdenum crystalline glazes.  Bruce has been throwing  red clay recently, so all of the pieces below are of that series.  The flask at the top is porcelain.

There are crystals all over this pitcher.  You just can't seem them well in these photographs.  These glazes have always been a challenge to take an image of.  The crystals on them are illusively refractive, and only show at certain angles and intensities of light.

If you are interested in any of these pieces please contact Mudfire Gallery.

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Anonymous said...

really beautiful pieces... the show looks great too in the previous post