Saturday, July 11, 2009

Draw + Decal Exhibit Tour: MudFire Studios

Draw + Decal Exhibit
Opens July 11, 2009
Reception from 5pm - 9pm

In MudFire's Words:

"MudFire Gallery's exhibition Draw+Decal presents the work of thirteen contemporary clay artists known for their use of imagery and narrative on vessel forms. In doing so, the exhibit and sale takes a detailed look at updated studio techniques for creating illustrated ceramic surfaces. Read more about the show.

It is impossible to grace the surface of clay without acknowledging thousands of years of history. Many of the techniques and materials in use today were developed millennia ago, but those leading the field are combining new technologies with fresh viewpoints on design and illustration.

In the contemporary studio pottery movement, it may no be longer enough to simply master form and apply the age-old transformational alchemy of glaze and firing. A new visual language is developing on the surface of today's vessels."


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Incredible show! Thanks for sharing the images.

Tim Ayers said...

<3 Shuggie Otis soundtrack <3

Bulldog Pottery said...

I thought their place was pretty cool. Eric and Luba have a lot of energy to do all that they do there.

Bulldog Pottery said...
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