Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Setting up a display at the Asheboro Library

Display of Bulldog Pottery at the Randolph County Library in Asheboro 

Last Thursday Gloria and I went to Asheboro (16 miles North of Bulldog Pottery) to set up a display of Bulldog Pottery at the Library.  The display will be up for a couple of months.  What a great opportunity for us to be able to have some visibility right here where we live.  I picked up a garden mystery to read while I was there called The Trail of the Wild Rose, by Anthony Eglin (so far so good).

Here is Gloria helping to arrange the pottery on the shelves

Before I took the pots to the library, I documented them.  Here is one of Bruce's pitchers.
Bruce Gholson's Covered Jar
Samantha Henneke's creamer and sugar condiment covered jar
Samantha Henneke's dinner size plate


Anonymous said...

what a great opportunity, love bruce's covered jar

Amanda A Gordon said...

Nice! The pieces look great in the display!