Monday, August 8, 2011

Barrel Pitchers

During the last half of July, Bruce revisited a pitcher form that we have dubbed - "the barrel pitcher".  He has made a couple of series of these since we have been living on our property here in Seagrove- how time flies.  We need a group of days in the studio uninterrupted for a complex form like this.  He made around 5 of these that we will fire soon in our gas kiln.

Below Bruce is attaching a tall foot to an oval bowl form, we call this a pedestal bowl.  He worked on making a few of these forms, as well as trying out some bisque hump molds that we made.

We like to use our barrel pitcher as our daily water pitcher in the studio. Bruce made this piece a handful of years ago.  This was the day that we received our box of Michael's "Cousins in Clay, Mountains" postcards.  We are really excited to be going over to Michael Kline's pottery in a couple of weeks for the first annual Mountain Cousins in Clay!  Due to the successes of Cousins here in Seagrove we thought expanding the pottery show and sale to Michael's would be excellent.  We get to host one another.  We host a Cousins in Clay with honary guest Clay Cousins here in the Piedmont and Michael hosts Cousins in Clay and honary guest Clay Cousins in the Mountains.  

Maxwell in action


Ron said...

I remember seeing one of those pitchers at a show or maybe at your studio. They are very cool. I hope the Cousins in the Mountains is successful.

Barbara Rogers said...

Please show us one of the finished Barrel Pitchers! I wonder if that's what he's pouring out of in your final picture. Aren't pictures of pitchers fun! (easier to type about than talk about)

Mike said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I missed COSP last year but will be there in a few months. I have several of your moka cups. I love that glaze. I've been experimenting with some white/tan glazes but most of the time they are too dark or too close to white. are there any glaze formulas out there (that you know of) that give the color of your moka glaze? Thanks!

Bulldog Pottery said...

@Mike Looking forward to seeing you in November! We don't really know of any glazes out there that are like the Moka glaze we use. It seems so much about the glaze color and texture has to do with the clay body, temperature, atmosphere, and even water. We have heard about potters moving to a new location and never being able to get their glazes to work again and they think it is because of the change in water. Ben Owen III fired a collaboration that we did with Donna Craven that had Moka glaze on it (same clay body) once in his kiln and the glaze came out completely different. Go figure. John Britt has a great book that focuses on high fired glazes.
@Ron thanks for the good wishes! How is Levithian Chronicles coming along??
@ Barbara We definitely will show some images of the finished pieces. I have found some images of his barrel pitcher series that Bruce made several years ago. Will post soon

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