Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finishing up the glazing

 We are just about finished with our glazing, well at least to this point.  We will pick up where we left off when we get back from Michael's next week.  The Potters Market Invitational will be right around the corner!  Above is a plate that I have decorated with a winged insect.  This is a little something different that I am trying and look forward to see how they glaze out.  Hopefully they will because this is the series of work I want to display at our upcoming show at the Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh in October.

We have been listening to a story called the 'Trader Tales, Quarter Share" by Nathan Lowell.  These are a series of stories, we are on the first one.  A quiet and subdued story about a trader ship in space. It is (so far) a bit Utopian. People working together for the common good of everyone, pushing themselves and pursuing knowledge. Nice thought and a wonderful feeling to the story.  There are even some scenes with the feeling of being at a craft show/ flea market.   I was listening to CNN the other day while glazing (this is the first time listening to news in a long time) and it just seemed so tragic, so negative, so upsetting, everyone trying to bring each other down.  We don't have t.v. I have not watched cable t.v. since I left Blacksburg to attend Alfred University when I was 21, that was around 20 years ago.  I still watch it when we are at a hotel a couple of times of year.  That can be strange.  Anyway we have enjoyed listening to podcasts while in the studio. There is a world of authors out there that have a passion for writing and the new technology allows them to spread their talents.

Bruce is glazing with his shino again.  This is the beginning of a world of testing in a different atmosphere for awhile.
Bruce commented that it is cool to bring back his old techniques, and revisit his muse from his creative past and add in something new.  Below, Max is Max.

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