Saturday, August 6, 2011

Working in the Studio

Bruce is throwing the top part to his barrel pitcher form

     This summer we have been busy at work, changing our schedule around a little bit.  We are happy to announce that since "Cousins in Clay" in May, we have been successful in keeping up an exercise routine.  I am spending my mornings in the studio drinking coffee while designing tiles instead of drinking my coffee in front of the computer.  I have really enjoyed this. Though it does mean less blogging and other computer stuff happens.  Bruce will sometimes come in with his coffee and we will talk about life and pots, otherwise I will listen to a new podcast.

We have become podcast addicts.

     There is a podcast that we have enjoyed listening too called Art and Story - The Show that Digs Deep into the Craft of Cartooning. Three cartoonists talk about comics, illustration, and storytelling.  They are funny, they laugh, and they talk about interesting topics. There was one podcast show called The Big Lifestyle. They talked about a cartoonist's lifestyle - exercising, ergonomics, eating well, and some of the stuff they face when working on the computer for hours.  Which has direct reference to our lifestyle as a potter of working for hours at the wheel or intense glazing.

Selecting the right knob for the lid calls for plenty of possible options.

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Unknown said...

Oooh, thanks for the podcast recommendation, Samantha. Also... looking forward to seeing how those new plates of yours for the Museum of Natural Sciences show. That one you're glazing a few posts up there looks lovely already. :)