Friday, June 3, 2011

3rd Annual Cousins in Clay Weekend

The tents, tables, and chairs are just about all put away. After an event like "Cousins in Clay" it takes some time to get back into our regular routine. We are now on our 5th day after "Cousins" (we call A.C.) and we get to begin a new project.

The "Cousins" weekend was fabulous. The weather cleared up, and the sun came out after the pouring rain on Friday night. Jack Troy arrived first, with his car packed full of pottery and was followed shortly later by the arrival of Peter Lenzo and his friend Val. We had a blast watching them unpack pots and face pots. Then Michael unloaded his goodies, and we showed what we just had pulled out of the kiln. It is a surreal feeling to have something like this happen right in our yard. All this wonderful pottery here, all different, representing the makers' personal visions and expressions, through the utilization of the amazingly versatile material that is clay. As a pottery lover this was a great place to be, walking up and down the aisle looking right to left and left to right. The visual stimulation of all these varied pots side by side was an exhilarating experience.

During Saturday and Sunday we had a steady flow of visitors. We all are thrilled with the many conversations that we had with art and pottery loving people. It is the support of all of you reading this blog that enables us to make pottery our profession full time. We put just about all of our soul and energy into our work, and to have so many wonderful, kind, and enthusiastic people support our art, provides the joy and income for us to keep the pottery cycle going.

Below is some of our new shino work with a little crystalline mixed in

A steady stream of people came through during Saturday, buying pottery from everyone.

Michael Kline giving a brush work demo on Satuday at 2:00.
Here are Michael's reflection cups.
On Sunday he gave another brushwork demo at 1:30. We had a nice turn out for the noon potluck. It was fun to eat while looking at and talking about pottery and gardening.

Kristy came out from Winfield Farms. It was great to see her.

Michael's bird cup that is now in our collection, and is Bruce's current favorite drinking vessel.

A close-up of Peter's Head Pot reveals a face jug on a face jug.

Jack Troy's organic cups

Samantha's Moka glaze cup

Michael Kline, Peter Lenzo, Jack Troy, Samantha Henneke, and Bruce Gholson
Cousins in Clay 2011


Tim Ayers said...

i had a great time, thanks for hosting!

Linda Starr said...

Wish I was closer looks like a great time for all, love that long tent too, nice in this heat.

Bulldog Pottery said...

I am so glad you were able to come out Tim,
Hi Linda, The tent did shade us and thepots and it looks cooling, but it can get warm under there :}