Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Evening Auction Conducted by Belhorn Auction House

Friday after the book signing there was a live auction to benefit the American Art Pottery Association (AAPA). Peter Gehres of Belhorn Auction Services is the official auctioneer for the AAPA, and conducted the live auction that evening. Bruce and I sadly missed most of the auction. Between our drive from Seagrove to Langhorne, the visit to Trenton City Museum, and setting up for the Show and Sale beginning at 6:00am that morning - we were so exhausted and we cashed it in early. We did hear that the auction went well while attending the AAPA annual membership meeting Sunday morning.

Below is a plate that caught my eye. Very interesting pictorial framing.

A row of pottery and people making their selections
Interesting tile designs always catch our attention

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