Friday, June 17, 2011

One More Walk Through Looking at Art Pottery

Well, this is the last post about the American Art Pottery Conference that we attended this past April. We picked out a small selection of pieces that intrigued us. There were many other incredible pieces.

We wanted to let you know about an event coming up in July called the Pottery Lovers Reunion, in Zanesville Ohio, from the 7th-10th at the Ramada Inn.

I contacted Maggie Jones of Turtle Island Pottery via Facebook to ask her about the details. I know she will be there at the Ramada Inn. We thought she summed up the pottery event nicely, and this is what she said:

"Pottery Lovers is an event that started over 25 yrs ago when collectors gathered at the hotel to show each other their prized finds. Trading began and soon it became a grand event where folks could wander through the hotels peering into the rooms admiring and trading and selling American Art Pottery. Today there are several contemporary potters also who make wares inspired by these antique collections. Viewing the dealers collections is an education that cannot be attained anywhere else. There are several hotels involved with about 100 rooms as well as outside parking lots and antique shops. The pottery lovers website has details and a schedule of events. Zanesville has a nice museum and many other historical pottery sites to visit."

This sounds like so much fun and we wish we could schedule time to go, but with all of our commitments (Mountain Cousins, Mint's Potters Market, Museum of Natural Science Exhibition, D.C. Pot Hop and Jam, Celebration of Seagrove Potters) coming up in a couple of months we just can't fit it in.

Jacques Sicard for Weller Pottery

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