Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Image Journaling

A zuchetta from our garden
Happy Summer Solstice!
This summer we want to do something a bit different with our blog. We will post an image, link, or whatever we want. No Rules, just whatever happens. We are not planning on talking or writing much, but maybe a thought here or there, or a description for the photo or link that we choose to post. The images will be random pic(k)s from our yard, studio, travels, or internet surfing. We think it will be fun and a new way to approach our blog for a couple of months.

We will be working towards some exciting events this fall beginning with Mountain Cousins August 26&27, 2011 at Michael Kline's Pottery in Bakersville, NC. On September 10th we will be back at the Mint Museum of Art, in Charlotte, NC. for the annual Potters Market. Our solo exhibition opens on October 7th Raleigh, NC at the Museum of Natural Sciences and we will be back up in Washington D.C. for the Pot Hop and Jam on October 22 and 23 with Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor. Of course we will be at the Celebration Of Seagrove Potters the weekend before Thanksgiving. All in all, a very exciting line up of activity for us.

Bruce is preparing a teepee for our melons. We are going to try growing the melons on this trellis and use a sling to hold them up.

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JLK Jewelry said...

Your zuchetta looks like a swan. A picture can be worth a thousand words!